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How quickly can you buy my house?

We can buy houses in less than a week if we get all of the proper documentation to our Lawyers in a timely fashion.  Since our company buys 2-4 houses a month we are set up to close quickly on your house.  However, if you need more than a week to close we are happy to accommodate your schedule

What are you going to do with my house after I sell it to you?

We are in the Real Estate Investment business. With nice houses in nice areas we typically sell the house with flexible terms over one or more years which allows us to make a profit on the spread in our purchase price and a sales price that reflects one or more years of appreciation. Since we are always in the market, we typically have several people interested in a Lease/Option house in a given area and commonly sell a house to a tenant/buyer 

I have some unusual time constraints. Can you work with me?

Our stock in trade is flexibility. Tell us what your schedule is and we will make arrangements to meet your time table.  If you have a few months that you need to stay in the house we can use that time to make repairs and to market the house.

What can you offer me for my house?

Each house and situation is unique.  However, we always listen to your needs and strive to meet them. The only way we can make you one or more appropriate offers is for us to talk to you and come see your house. Contact us today and we can get started!

I have some problems with my house that need to be fixed. Do I need to worry about them before I sell to you?

We will take Property of any maintenance that is required on your house so you don’t have to worry about getting contractors to perform for you. 

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E-mail sell@atlanda.com  Phone: 678-318-1880  Fax: 770-493-4514

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